Sparking Innovation

At Remote-Learner we're big believers in the ripple effect. We see the power of technology and its potential to improve lives through learning. We celebrate collaboration and community, which is why we're proud to sponsor the inaugural Idea-A-Thon—a contest to spark innovation in online learning!  

A Contest for Big Thinkers and Innovators in Online Learning

All great solutions start with an idea! For the Idea-A-Thon, we're looking for innovative ideas to improve eLearning at your school or workplace, your community, or out in the world.

Think about online learning, how it's delivered, and how the experience can be improved for learners, instructors and/or administrators. The best ideas are ones that address a real problem.  

To enter the Idea-A-Thon, you will be asked to submit a brief abstract that includes the issue you have identified to address, a description of your solution, and an explanation of its value, along with any other materials that help you best illustrate the problem and how you intend to solve it. Creativity is encouraged, as entries are open format and can include video, slide deck presentations, PDFs etc.

The judges are looking for realistic entries that focus on improving online education through the improvement of learning management systems or integrated technology platforms. All concepts described in your entry must be achievable through code development and/or UX/UI design. Review the contest rubric to see how our judges will be evaluating your entry.

Cash Prizes for the Winners

From the selected semi-finalists, the final three winners (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) will be be announced March 1, 2018. 

Gold: $1,000 Award
Silver: $750 Award
Bronze: $250 Award

Tips and Resources for Contest Entry


1) Explore these helpful resources:

2) Take a closer look at how online learning is delivered and identify a problem

3) Think up a solution and develop your idea

4) Submit your entry through the submission portal below (including all supplemental materials).

Submission Portal
Entries close Friday, February 2, 2018 at 11:59 EDT.
Have questions about the contest that our FAQs didn't answer? Send us an email.
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