Take the Pain out of Adding Video to Your Courses

Remote Learner has partnered With VidGrid and it’s never been easier for anyone at your organization to quickly capture and share a video within your Remote Learner platform.
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Easy to Use and Implement

Gone are the days of spending hours simply trying to figure out how to record a video, let alone figuring out where it will be securely hosted and streamed. VidGrid takes care of the entire video process from recording to editing to organizing and sharing. 

What makes VidGrid so easy to implement? 

  • VidGrid is built off of the latest tech stack, which means it just works - on every device, every time. It does not require Java or Flash. 
  • Anyone in any organization can capture a video on VidGrid in under 3 minutes on their first time in the tool because it’s seamlessly integrated into both the Remote Learner Totara and Moodle environments.
  • VidGrid was built on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with on-premise servers or hosting/managing large volumes of video content as video scales within your organization. 
  • Tired of receiving overage charges because your organization created or watched too many videos? Storage and bandwidth are both unlimited on VidGrid. 
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